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3 Main Causes of Hearing Impairment

Hearing impairment is more common than you think throughout modern America. As humans, we take our hearing for granted without realizing how vital it is to interact with our environment. Watching TV, talking to friends, listening to music, or recognizing our loved ones in a crowd to name a few. But what causes it and how can we avoid it. There’s many reasons as to how they occur. To better understand, we’ll break them into the three causes of hearing loss and understand how to prevent them if possible as well as how us here at AXIL can hopefully bring back your enjoyment of life.

Old Age

This seems like a pretty straightforward concept, yet is either missed or ignored by many. Age-related hearing loss happens slowly over a long period of time and is usually zeroed in on the higher sound frequencies. A few examples would be woman or children speaking or even your phone ringing. Usually what can occur is issues understanding other in conversations, more importantly if it’s in a loud area such as a sports arena or a bar. Another is if you think others are mumbling when talking to you when in reality their speech is truly clear. Another common issue are when certain sounds appear too loud for you or you get a ringing in your ears. Unfortunately, because this happens over a long period of time you may not even know that it’s happening until it’s too late.

Hearing Loss You’re Born With

You don’t always have to be old to get hearing loss, you can sometimes just inherit it from your parents. There are less than 500 recorded genetic abnormalities that present deafness from birth. More specifically there are more than five separate syndromes where people have some sort of hearing issue. Although, some of these may not be present at birth and can develop slowly over time.

Exposure to Loud Sounds

If you’re not too old and you haven’t been born with it, there’s still a possibility you can encounter hearing issues. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is common to happen on the job or even when you’re having fun if you’re not aware of it. Whether it be a construction site, loud machinery, fireworks or gunshots NIHL can be serious if left untreated. Constant exposure over time can seriously damage to the tiny hair cells in your inner ear. Even though it is largely preventable, many have permanent damage from it because they thought it would eventually go away and their hearing would return to normal. Be constantly vigilant if put in these situations as well as understand the dangers involved.

Hearing Loss Via Illness

Depending on the severity of your sickness, you could end up with some form of hearing loss. Osteosclerosis is a well known disease that messes with the small bones in your middle ear. This ends up causing a conductive hearing loss that thankfully can usually be fixed with some form of surgery. Another not so common one is Meniere’s disease. At this time the cause is still unfortunately unknown but common symptoms are fluxing in and out of hearing loss, dizziness/loss of balance, and ringing of the ears.

How Can AXIL Help?

AXIL has a few different options for not only a tool to test your hearing but for electronic listening devices that can fit your needs. Our SmartFIT Hearing Test & Programmer is our take on doctor office regulated hearing testers that you can now have in the comfort of your own home and to take anywhere you’d like. Additionally, the Spectre Open-In Ear Hearing and Clear Flex I-Open Ear/Behind-The-Ear both have great fit, durability and features not present on competitors. The Edge 90 and Edge 360 are our custom molded offerings and have more features and customizations than our standard line.

When it’s all said and done, hearing impairments have a variety of causes. Some can be fixed with medical procedures while others will unfortunately need you to buy some form of electronic amplifier to aid your day to day life. Whichever issues you may have now, know that AXIL is here to help you with whatever price point and lifestyle you have.