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Affording Custom Ear Plugs

Custom made ear plugs may seem a hefty price up front but if you look more in depth as to the features they offer, the decision to have your own may become more clear. Everyone’s ear canal is a different shape and size therefore wearing a universal fit ear plug may not be the best choice. Depending on how active your lifestyle is, universal sized ear plugs may not stay in and you’re constantly catching yourself messing with them. Ear plugs only work if there is a quality seal between the plug itself and your ear canal. If there is any give or space that sound can travel in, than hearing damage can occur. A custom molded plug, may be the option for you. The biggest thing to understand is that these custom molded ear pro provide much more than just to protect your hearing.

All in One

AXIL’s custom molded ear plugs are first and foremost a hearing aid type product that offers the benefits of hearing protection in their circuitry. It’s one thing to wear a product that solely protects your hearing, it’s entirely something else to offer a product that boosts your hearing at the exact same time. Many other hearing devices are bulky and look obtrusive at best. AXIL’s custom molded ear plugs offer protection, convenience and a minimal footprint. Wouldn’t you rather have a piece of mind knowing that depending on the existing hear loss, they can boost your hearing 42-70 decibels? Depending on the model you decide to purchase, there are even variable modes that you can change based on the existing environment you’re in. Whether at home, at the movies, at a concert, or at the range there is an optimal setting for you and your lifestyle. There’s also a simple volume control wheel, where you can adjust for the incoming sound. Beyond the obvious protection, I’d say one of the biggest things people look for is the overall comfort of your hearing protection. Ear plugs are a hit or miss for most people. Many prefer the traditional over the ear headset style protection, while some prefer the minimalist ear plugs. For those that wear plugs, they without a doubt have to be comfortable, if not you’ll find every excuse in the book to not wear them. With something as minimalist as ear plugs, you shouldn’t even realize they are in due to the comfort and audio boosting they provide.

How to Afford Them

Wanting and needing are two entirely different things. As previously mentioned depending on your lifestyle and the severity of your hearing loss, a custom molded pair of ear plugs may be your best option. As an added bonus, AXIL as a whole sells hearing enhancements and protection at rates of 60% less than other competitors on the market. You can easily scan the other mainline companies in the auditory enhancement market and look at their standard pricing. Don’t be lulled into thinking that AXIL just supports hearing protection, they also aid in the boosting of the hearing you already have. Once you start being able to look at the bigger picture, you can easily see how it can become initially confusing. When you do decide to purchase a pair though AXIL, you’ll easily be able to get linked up with Allwell for financing if necessary. For 12 whole months there would be zero percent interest and 10 percent down. A majority of people pay it off in 10 to 12 months. For an upgraded model of the AXIL custom ear plugs and having a plan to pay them off in 12 months, you’d only be paying $50.00 a week towards them. What’s even better is that there are some insurance companies out there that will cover these types of products. The best course of action would be contact AXIL to see if and how you can fo down this route. You pay a good amount of money for your insurance, so you might as well be maximizing the use of it as much as possible. As always, AXIL is constantly doing deals to reduce the overall cost of your custom ear plugs, so be on watch to see when they pop up.

An Investment

You can easily look at the numbers on the screen during checkout, or you can look at it as something that’s adding to the fulfillment and success of your life. Obviously just owning a pair of electronic ear plugs aren’t going to make you the next President or the reason you finally got the board promotion, but it can make your life that much more enjoyable. Once we get enjoyment out of life, we can become more confident and once confidence has risen, only then can we take the plunge towards the goals we said we were going to. Hearing may just be one small aspect of life, but it definitely adds to the way we interact with the world around us.