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All You Need to Know About Hearing Aid Prices Now

Whether you realize it or not, hearing aid prices can get expensive. Whether you’re looking for something simple or something a bit more refined, we here at AXIL offer a little bit of everything for the consumer. So the real question is, how is something so small so expensive? This will dive into that, as well as how far we’ve come in the technology of hearing aids, and what AXIL can offer you with any hearing issues you may have.

They’re So Small, Why So Much?

No matter where you go and regardless of the insurance you may already have, hearing aids cost a good chunk of change. They can easily run from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on the brand and level of technology it uses. Additionally, most people with significant hearing loss have it in both ears so that means another hearing aid you’ll need to buy. Unfortunately, the price point is what drives the sale, and if it’s too high it may mean the consumer forgoing the sale entirely or worst off getting a subpar product. You also need to know you’re getting a superior product, this is something you’ll be wearing a majority of your day and more than likely seven days a week.

What many fail to factor in is the unforeseen initial costs. These would be your actual hearing test, a consultation, the initial fitting and any follow up tweaks or adjustments that need to be made, any major cleanings and obviously a warranty. As you can see the bill quickly adds up. One of the biggest factors you should be taking into consideration are the included features and the internal technology that it utilizes. As with anything technology related, over time what was once “top of the line” is now considered basic technology. Due to that, you’re now able to get quality hearing assistive devices at competitive prices. Hearing aid manufacturers understand this and usually offer a range of varying models with a varying amount of features. The reality is, what features are important to you and what can you do without?

A portion of the cost involved also goes to research and development (R&D), in order to bring you the most up to date comforts, technology and features available. Obviously this allows you as the consumer to have better enjoyment out of life. Understand that yes the upfront costs may be a bit concerning, but once you break it down monthly, weekly and then daily you’ll understand that it isn’t that much for an investment into the quality of your life.

Hearing Aids: Aren’t they all the same?

These products have been around for years, but with time comes advancement in technology. The technology, aesthetics and hearing aids cost may have changed, but the overall goal has remained the same. To give the end user such as yourself enjoyment and comfort by the way you can auditorily interpret information.

The following is a list of the basic hearing aid types currently available.

  • Receiver in Canal/Receiver Hearing Aids: The receiver (the speaker) has been removed from the case on the ear.
  • In The Ear Hearing Aids: Custom made device where all the electronics sit inside of your ear.
  • Behind The Ear Hearing Aids: These have the hearing aid device on op or on the back of the ear. There is a tube the goes into the ear canal to allow clear hearing for the user.