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How Do I Determine the Best Hearing Aids for Me?

In 2018, as a society we are always looking to what ranks “the best,” especially when our hard earned money is at stake. When it comes to devices and products that can give you your hearing back and thus your life that much more enjoyable, you without a doubt want top quality, comfort and overall reliability. Here at AXIL we offer a variety of hearing products that can not only test your hearing from your own home, but also offer top notch devices to give you your hearing back no matter what type of budget you’re on. AXIL understands how much hearing aids cost for the consumer, and we try our very best to give you a variety of options to choose from. First off let’s talk about what hearing aids are and how they’ve developed over the past century, as well as what AXIL can do for you to improve your quality of life.

Hearing Aids: How far have they come?

Hearing is something that many take for granted, yet it is something we use daily without even realizing it. Over the years, hearing aids have gone from a obnoxious sized device to one that basically disappears in the ear canal depending on the model. In the early 1800’s there was something called an “ear trumpet” that basically looked like the bottom part of a saxophone you put in your ear. Over the years they got smaller and more portable. Obviously once innovators developed a way to harness electricity inside of it, the game was changed forever. The mid-20th century refined it even more until in the 1980’s the idea of a microprocessor was integrated into it. Now people have the ability to have a small and compact device that gives them instant feedback from the sound without any kind of delay. It’s now gotten to a point. It truly changed the way that people use hearing aids in modern times.

The reality of it, is that the best hearing aid is what’s going to be comfortable to you and what fits in your price point. Without a doubt the most protection and comfort will come from out custom in-ear electronic plugs that have adjustable modes and volume. They are also extremely small and usually hidden from folks passing by or when out to dinner with friends.

What Options Does AXIL Have?

Here at AXIL we currently offer a few different options for electronic hearing aids. Both offer our patented AuidCORE (AC) hardware. Our Spectre Open-In Ear Hearing Device, Clear Flex I-Open Ear/Behind-The-Ear Device and custom molded Edge 90/360 offer even more comfort with even more variable sound settings. They are available with aftermarket add-on’s in a variety of color options.


Additionally, our SmartFIT Hearing Test & Programmer is a wonderful device you can use whenever and wherever you want. Whether looking for extra foam or rubber tips, cleaning brushes, cases or batteries for your hearing aid we can absolutely assist.