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My 3 Personal Favorite Benefits, You’ll Want to Know About Our New Bluetooth Hearing Aids Right Now

This year, we are excited to announce the All New Bluetooth Hearing Aid and Protection System

The AXIL Bluetooth Open 360

This has been years in the making with some of the finest talent throughout the world to bring this together and now the result is truly astounding.


Hi, I am Wes Harris, Founder of the AXIL|SportEAR company.

I have been the innovator behind the AXIL line for over 20 years. I have been a Hearing Specialist for over 25 years now. I’ve had over 80 Hearing Specialists and Audiologists working for me through much of my career and have established hearing clinics throughout the country for some of the top pharmaceutical companies, as well. I also have founded, owned and run the leading hearing aid clinic chain in the area where I live. I have developed over 50 hearing aid systems and sold these to large and small hearing aid manufacturer’s all over the world for the last 20 years. Why am I telling you this? You’ll see in a minute…


After all this, this is the first time of my career that I am going all out for the promotion of a new hearing aid technology and for good reason.

Everyone who knows me knows that I will never oversell hearing aids, for 3 reasons:

  • To tell it like it is, is simply the right thing to do.
  • I don’t like overselling or being oversold.
  • I don’t ever want people coming back to me and saying that I promised something that simply was not possible.

That Being Said, Let Me Share with You 3 Things I Absolutely Love About Our New AXIL Open 360 Bluetooth as I, Personally, Have Been Fitting Many of Our Long-Term Customers with These:

  • First and Foremost, My Main Concern is Always About Your Ultimate Hearing Performance. As You Know, Most Our Customers Work and/or Recreate in Loud Environments. Most of You are Active in Shooting, Hunting and All Things Related to the Outdoors. Most of You Have Significant Hearing Loss in Both Ears with More Loss in Your Shooting Ear (Right-Handed Shooters Almost Always Have More Loss in Their Left Ear as That is the One Exposed to the End of the Rifle).

The Absolute Best Benefit from these New Hearing Aids Will Be Your New Ability to Hear Better Than Ever Before. I Have Never Heard Hearing Aids that Have Sounded This Clear and Amazing. There is Nothing I Can Do That Would Be Overselling This Tremendous Improvement of These New Hearing Aids.

I was Programming a Pair Yesterday for a Long-Term Customer, Paul T., Out of Florida. He has Severe Hearing Loss Through Most of His Hearing Range- Lows and Even More so in the Highs- Sound Familiar? When I Put my Earpiece up to Listen to the Sound Quality and Amplification, I was Again Blown Away at How Powerful and Clear They Sounded. Unbelievable! I Have Never Heard Anything So Loud and Clear in My Whole Career.

He Will Be Saying the Same Thing So Many Others Have Already Said to Me Immediately Upon Being Fit with These New Hearing Aids and After Wearing Them for the First Couple of Weeks, “I Never Thought I’d Be Able to Hear Like This Again.”

The Sound is:

  • Very Clear and Distinct- Giving Your Better Definition of Speech and Detail in Sound- More Than Any Hearing Aid I’ve Ever Listened to or Heard of.
  • The Power Range is Unbelievably Better Than Anything I’ve Ever Experienced and I’ve Personally Fit Over 30,000 Customers One-on-One Over the Years.
  • So Good, That I Have Fit Myself with a Pair for the First Time and Use Them Constantly Because I Can Hear So Well and They Are So Comfortable. I Use Them All the Time for Daily Wear, Background Noise, TV, Hearing Well in the Outdoors and Much More.
  • These are the First Hearing Aids of My Career, Where Everyone Around Me is Hearing Me Say, “I Absolutely Love Everything About These Hearing Aids.” And it’s True- I Absolutely Do.
  • Hearing in Background Noise

This is the Hardest Objective for Any Hearing Aid to Achieve Well. Background Noise is Simply the Hardest Sound Environment for Everyone, Including People with Perfect Hearing.

These New Hearing Aids Have Been Designed by Some of the Hearing Aid Industry’s Finest Talent and Most Advanced Technology Companies Helping Us Finalize These. The Depth of Experience and Intelligence that Have Gone in to Developing the Algorithms for Sound Processing is Truly Staggering. These Can Filter Through Patterns of Speech and Background Noise Like Never Before- Enhancing Speech and Compressing Background Sounds, So You Hear What You Want to. You Already Know There is Nothing We Can Do to Make Things Perfect for You in Background Noise- No One Can- But These New Hearing Aids are the Best Available and Far Better Than Anything We Have Ever Been Able to Work with. You Will be Thrilled with Your Improved Ability to Hear Well in Background Noise.

  • The Technology- “All the Bells & Whistles” Only Without Whistling!

Before I Get into the Tech Features, Let Me Say, These Are Also the First Hearing Aids I’ve Ever Fit or Used Where I Have Not Had a Feedback/Whistle Issue Yet- and I’ve Fit a Lot of Our Customers with These the Last 3 Months. I Love This Improvement, As Does Everyone.

For the Technological Features, These Are Super Cool. I Have Avoided Features Like These in the Past, Almost Entirely, for Reasons You’ll See, But Now Technology Has Caught Up and What Was Before a Weakness is Now Fantastic.

  1. The Remote Link App-
    1. Volume Control- This Allows You to Simply Download an App on Your Smartphone, Open it Up and Adjust Your Volume at the Swipe of your Finger (Swipe Up and Down on the Left Side to Turn Your Left Hearing Aid Up and Down and the Same on the Right Side of the Screen for the Right Hearing Aid or Swipe Up and Down in the Middle of the Screen to Turn Both Hearing Aids Up and Down at the Same Time.
    2. Listening Memory Control- You Can Easily Pull Up on Your Screen the 3-4 Listening Memories for Different Sound Environments and Choose the One You Want to Be Listening to, Including the Max Hearing Protect Memory.
  • Turn Your Smartphone in to a Microphone- You Can Press This Button in Your Listening Memory Selection to Actually Turn Your Smartphone into a Microphone and Place It Where You Want- As Speech/Sound Enters Your Smartphone Microphone, It Transmits All That Sound Directly to Your Hearing Aids So You Can Hear It Much Better. This is a Tremendous Feature Especially for Additional Help Hearing in Background Noise- Which is the Main Purpose We Developed This For. It is Super Cool!
  1. Mute & Unmute Your Hearing Aids- Simply Press a Button on the App Any Time You Want to Turn Off Unwanted Sounds and Then Press Again to Turn Them Back On- FYI- THIS WAS NOT DESIGNED TO BE USED ON SPOUSES!!! LOL- But Now You Have the Ultimate ‘Select Hearing’!
  2. ‘Find My Hearing Aids’- Go to a Spot in the App and It Will Show You the Location of Your Right Hearing Aid (Red Icon) and Left Hearing Aid (Blue Icon) on a Traditional App Map Locator. Again, Super Cool! One of our First Customer’s Fit with this New Technology, works in the Oil Fields in North Carolina and Lives in Louisiana, so this was a Big Deal to Him. He Accidentally Left His Hearing Aids in North Carolina- Out in the Fields Where He Works. Later When He Got Home to Louisiana and Realized What He’d Done- He Was Sick About it- As You Can Imagine!- But Then He Opened Up His App, Saw the Little Red and Blue Icons and Went Back the Next Week and Found His Hearing Aids Right Where the App Showed Him to Look!!! Absolutely Unbelievable to Have This Great Technology in the Palm of Our Hands Now.
  1. Bluetooth Audio- You Can Simply Answer Your Smartphone Now to Take Calls and Hear the Call Through Your New Hearing Aids. Also, You Can Listen to Your Audio Books or Music Right Through Your New Hearing Aids Also. You Can Get an Additional TV Streamer to Stream TV Directly to Your Hearing Aids Also. Although, Most People Never Need That When We Get Their Hearing Up to Where it Should Be. But I Love the New Bluetooth Audio for Calls and Music- as Does Everyone.

In the Past, We’ve Never Fit a lot of People with Bluetooth. You’d Have to Wear a Pendant on a Neck Loop to Act as a Hubspot Between Your Phone and Your Hearing Aids and the Sound Quality in the Hearing Aids Was Never Great and it was Just More Hassle than it was worth. But Now, We Have Partnered with the Very Best Bluetooth Company in Hearing Aid Industry Worldwide, Out of the Netherlands. We are Now Fitting this All the Time, As It is so Streamlined and Simple with Such Great Audio and Functional Quality. (If You Are Not Aware, The Very Best Bluetooth Technology Comes from the Netherlands Always, As Bluetooth Technology was Invented in the Netherlands)- These New Bluetooth Hearing Aids are Rapidly Becoming Our Most Popular and #1 Selling Hearing Aids EVER- Especially If You Want to Use These for Your Daily Hearing Aids and Hearing Protection as You Wish. (iPhones Transmit All Sound and Audio Directly to Your Hearing Aids. Android Transmits to a Very Small Sound Clip that You Can Clip Anywhere on a Pocket or Shirt, Which Then Transmits to the Hearing Aids. No Neck loop Required on Either System.)

  1. Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries- Again, In Over 25 Years of Doing this, I Have Always Avoided ‘Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery’ Hearing Aids. They Were Not Reliable. The Sound Quality in the Hearing Instruments Was Not Good. The Recharging Systems Were a Hassle. The Only Time I’ve Ever Used These Were for Customers Who Had Dexterity Problems or Lived in Assisted Living Facilities- Where They Were Reliant on Help from Others.


Now a Company Called ZPower, Out of California, Has Developed a Fantastic Recharging System. You Can Use a Rechargeable Battery or a Regular Battery. The Sound Quality in the Hearing Aids is Truly Unparalleled, as Mentioned Above, and the Strong Power is Supported Perfectly from the Rechargeable Batteries- Which was Never Before Possible. You Simply Set Your Hearing Aids in the Recharging System at Night and Pull Them Out Ready to Go in the Morning. Each Recharge is Good for 16 Hours of Full Use- A Good, Long Day. Regular Batteries Will last 10-14 Days When/If Occasionally Needed.

And There You Have It, My 3 Favorite New Benefits from Our All NEW AXIL Open 360 Hearing Aids and Yes, They Will Always Come with The Most Advanced AXIL 100% Digital Sound Compression Technology Available to Simultaneously Protect Your Hearing at the Same Time to Always Give You the Best of Both World’s and the Ultimate Hearing Performance and Advantage Every time.

I Could Go on Longer About All the Great Benefits of These New Hearing Aids, But This Gives You the Core of Why These are so Great and Why People are So Happy with Them.

As Our Preferred Customer’s We Want to Give You the Chance to Get Hearing Better than Ever- with the Best Hearing Protection Possible- At a Great Savings- and Get Your Hearing Totally Dialed In As Good as Possible for All the Summer and Fall Trips You Have Planned Ahead, as Well as For Everyday Use.

As You Already Know, We Manufacture and Service All Our High-End Hearing Aids. We are an FDA Registered Medical Device Hearing Aid Manufacturer for Over 20 Years Now. We are a ‘Top 10’ (there’s actually about 15/300 manufacturer’s internationally, in the ‘Top 10’ Club). We are the #1 Selling Hearing Aid in the US for Outdoor, Active Lifestyles. We are the Only Hearing Aid Manufacturer, Who Specializes in the Hybrid Technology of Blending Hearing Protection into Your Everyday Hearing Aids.

Because We Own the Manufacturing and Sell on a Consumer Direct Model. We Can Save You Approximately 50% of Local and National Competitor’s for the Most Advanced Bluetooth Hearing Aids Available. This Includes Online Offers and Clubmarts. Plus, We Custom Manufacture Everything to Your Exact Needs- Selecting the Precise Microphones, Speakers, Circuits that will Perform Best for Your Specific Hearing Loss. You Do Not Get This Service and Advantage from Online, Clubmarts and Most Other Mass Production Manufacturer’s.

Plus, We Can Arrange to Have Your Hearing Tested with Us Directly or Through One of Our 1,000+ Clinics that We Network with Nationwide.

We Can Also Waterproof Your New Hearing Aids for Best Performance in the Outdoors. We’ll also Take Care of All the Service for You Directly- For A Fraction of the Cost of What Traditional Hearing Clinics Will Charge.

Call Us Today and Ask to Talk with One of Our Hearing Health and Hearing Protection Specialists to Find Out More and Take Advantage of Our Preferred Customer Intro Savings and July 4th Sale. You Can Save an Additional 20% OFF- Our Already Low Consumer Direct Pricing-  On This New Bluetooth Technology and Get the Ultimate Hearing Performance For All Your Lifestyle Needs.

Best Regards to You and Yours This Summer and Beyond and Thanks for Being Valued AXIL|SportEAR Customers!

Weston Harris

PS- Make Sure to Ask About Our One Year Total Satisfaction Guarantee. It is Unparalleled in the Industry Worldwide.