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Order Hearing Aid Batteries Here!

Whether you wear hearing aids daily or on special occasions, hearing aid batteries are a necessity for your AXIL hearing aid. Thankfully not only do we sell replacement batteries for your device, but accessories to assist in the comfort of our product. If you haven’t looked at our hearing aids already please take a quick look at the following.

What Can AXIL Offer?

AXIL knows and understands that something you consistently use has a tendency to get worn out over time. This is why we sells all the odd and ends as well as replacement batteries you can think of.

Replacement Tips

These come in both the regular foam and open ended version for those using our open ear hearing aids. We also offer our silicone versions in both double dome and reglar dome for those that aren’t big fans of foam.


I you’re in need of another case or bag to carry your in ear electronic plugs or cleaning brushes we offer those as well. A big issue for many is the unforeseen buildup of earwax. If bad enough, these can impact the sound quality of your AXIL product. To alleviate this, we offer Cerustop wax guards that filters out any unfortunate buildup.


Whether looking for batteries for your listening devices or hearing aids, we got you covered. We have the #312 and #10 size zinc air hearing aid batteries to fit your needs. They come in a pack of 6 with and easy to remove sticker that protects it from accidentally discharging during shipment. The packaging also includes an easy to rotate dial, so once you need to reload those batteries just spin the dial for a fresh new battery to be dispensed.