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Signs of Hearing Loss

Overall, hearing loss in America is at an all time high. Whether it be from old age or from an outside source such as loud noise damage, it’s occurring at an exceeding rate. You need to understand that unless you are consistently protecting your ears, they are constantly exposed to outside sound “pollutant” that can cause significant harm to the inner ear. Depending on the overall serveighty of the damage, it may last a lifetime. It’s something that many don’t think about until it’s unfortunately too late. The best thing you can do now is be proactive whenever possible and take the necessary steps in order to protect the hearing you have now for the future. Even if the damage has already set in, there may be steps you can still to take in order to protect whatever is left. There are signs of hearing loss that you can look for now that can help indicate how bad the hearing loss is or if it’s just in the beginning stages where you can hopefully prevent any more hearing loss.


When it comes to hearing loss, there’s a few different categories that will help point you in the right direction if hearing loss is something you truly have. You’d rather be safe than sorry, so even with these pointers the best thing to do would be to go to a licensed audiologist. This is to make sure you even have it to begin with, or at the very least make sure it’s not even more severe than you initially thought.

Group Setting

People have to repeat themselves
Fairly self-explanatory, if you need people to constantly say things over and over again to you because you can’t hear them this may be something to look into
Can’t follow multiple people in a conversation
If you’re in a group setting and you can’t follow what people are saying
Condensed or grumbled sound
When people’s voices are unrecognizable
Public venue sound issues
If out at a bar, club, etc and you can’t hear when people are talking to you
High-pitched sound levels
Usually a tell tale sign is when it’s difficult to pick up clear conversation from women or children
Entertainment volume levels
Whether it be your radio or TV, your volume level is higher than what would be considered “normal
Incorrect responses during simple conversation
When people think you might be odd because you’re responding to things that just don’t make any sense
End up looking for social cues or lips more in conversation

Personal Life

Constantly being stressed from trying to understanding what people are saying
Putting effort into understanding people requires energy, often enough and headaches will ensue
Anger brewing towards others
This usually comes at the fact that again you can’t understand people, therefore you think it’s their fault
Avoiding making new relationships
Due to your lack of understanding others, you avoid social contact with new people because you’re initially embarrassed about having to ask them to repeat themselves
Avoiding social events
You may end up avoiding your favorite past time because of the discomfort it causes you attempting to understand others and hear in general.
Not hearing things around the household
The first that come to mind are your doorbell and phone, both are extremely loud and noticeable for others


Family lineage
You may unfortunately have some sort of history where hearing issues are a known problem
Medicinal Drugs
Some medications can inadvertently affect your hearing depending on the amount ingested
Blood Circulation
Again, depending on your family history if blood isn’t pumping properly than it could affect the hearing

Big Picture

Think realistically and honestly when it comes to the future of your hearing. Don’t get upset when your friends and family approach you about going to see a hearing professional. They’re not doing it it to make you feel embarrassed, they’re doing it to bring back the happy and joyful person you once were. Living with hearing loss, isn’t the end of the world but there will be ways you’ll have the adapt your lifestyle to either incorporate hearing enhancement, protection, or both. Think outside the box when it comes to how and where you can find certain ways to protect your hearing. Look at advancements on the market as well to see the products that are out there. Your hearing is specific, and no one can take the first step towards fixing it but you.