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What You Need to Know Now About Your Hearing?

Your hearing is an extremely vital tool that many take for granted, but is irreplaceable once lost. You fully interact with the world through auditorily interpreting information in your surroundings. A hearing impairment can be embarrassing and can severely affect how you interact with others. There are certainly electronic aids and sometimes surgical procedures that can assist in gaining your hearing back, but there’s no way to return it to its original state. But how does your hearing actually work and how does hearing loss occur?

Why We Hear And How It Works?

During World War II, Dr. Ramsdell was working at a VA hospital in Pennsylvania where he observed adults who had diminished hearing loss. In his findings, Ramsdell developed the following concepts as to what we rely on hearing for:

  • The warning level: Recognition of noises that sounds that alert us, therefore it prepares us
  • The aesthetic level: Appreciating sounds that pleases us, ends up giving us pleasure
  • The symbolic level: Understanding speech via information, education and entertainment
  • The primitive level: Recognition of the sounds in your daily environment, and basic auditory background noise for day to day living

How It All Works

There are three major parts to your basic ear anatomy. There is the outer, the middle and middle ear (aka the cochlea). The cochlea means snail in Latin because of its snail like shape.

The outer ear is made up of the eardrum, pinna, and ear canal

The middle ear is made up of the eardrum and the ossicles

The inner ear is made up of the cochlea, the auditory (hearing) nerve and the brain

Sound waves go into your ear canal and end up making you the eardrum move. This action moves a tiny chain of bones in your middle ear. The last bone in this chain ends up ‘knocking’ on your membrane window of your cochlea and makes the fluid in the cochlea actually move. The fluid movement then triggers a response in your hearing nerve.

What AXIL Can Do For You?

AXIL always wants to look out for the consumer and provide the best available technology. That’s why if you are in need of any of our assistive hearing devices, they come equipped with our our AuidCORE (AC) internals. This is our specifically designed processor that utilizes digital signaling. This will therefore give you you an automated increase or decrease in sounds without you even realizing it. Our hearing devices cross a broad stretch of applications whether at work, leisure or at home. The biggest thing to remember is just because you may not have issues now with hearing in no way, shape or form means that you should forgo hearing protection. Take the preventative step now to ensure that your hearing lasts you a lifetime.

Examples of our assistive hearing devices are our Spectre Open-In Ear and Clear Flex I-Open Ear/Behind-The-Ear. Both of them offer great comfort and adaptability throughout your day. Our Edge 90 and Edge 360 are our custom molded in-ear plugs that offer even more customizations options and features. Best of all is that they are configured specifically for your ear canal. Rounding it out, our SmartFIT Hearing Test & Programmer is a one of a kind AXIL product that can test your hearing and configure your new AXIL hearing instruments whether on the go or at home. If you need a quick refit whether at a restaurant you can do it inconspicuously and effortlessly.

Every single one of our electronic hearing plugs have the option to use our Liquify Waterproofing process. It’s that over time products that go inside of your ear will get dirty. This specific process will minimize any damage to the internals and externals of your AXIL product. You paid good money, so you may as well make sure they last as long as you do.

Whether on a big or small budget, AXIL has any and all options to fit your needs. The hearing you have is one of a kind and will not come back when it’s damaged. Take the preventative steps now to ensure your hearing lasts. Something that you use daily and without thought should be carefully protected and not taken for granted. Take a look at our various products and see what suits you and your lifestyle.