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Will Listening Devices Address My Hearing Needs?

Do you currently suffer from acute hearing damage or just want to boost the hearing you already have? Here at AXIl we offer a wide variety of listening devices that can not only protect the hearing you already have, but boost the hearing you may have unfortunately lost over time. Whether on a budget, or have a few extra bucks to spend, AXIL can fit your financial needs. If being inconspicuous is vital or not that big of a priority, we offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes that can fit into your day to day life. First off let’s understand what exactly is hearing loss as well as how it occurs, what listening devices actually are, as well what we offer here at AXIL to improve your day to day life.

Hearing Loss: Is that really a thing?

A large majority of Americans are affected by sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). An exposure to a loud sound such as an explosion, machinery or gunshots can cause this. On the medical side, damage happens inside your cochlea to the tiny hair cells. With hearing sounds, it’s involving your inner ear. Inside the cochlea are cells that react to mechanical movement by sending a signal to what’s called your auditory nerve. Over time, these small hair like stereocilia sometimes become broken and destroyed which will make you have hearing loss.

What Are Listening Devices?

Even the slightest bit of hearing loss can affect our personal interaction with others, some even find it embarrassing. With that being said, some with perfect hearing want to still keep in intact for as long as they can. AXIL listening devices can assist in boosting your hearing, while still keeping what you have left intact for the future. Even if you want to boost the hearing you have or keep it safe at loud recreational events, our brand of listening devices can protect you and give you the enjoyment of life back.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the cartoons as kids where the character is holding a trumpet looking tool to their ear. This is actually where listening devices actually started. It wasn’t until after the invention of the microphone and telephone in the latter end of the 1800’s that the first electronic listening device was introduced. In 1898 Miller Hutchison made the “Akouphone.” It used what’s called a carbon transmitter that was able to take a weak signal and amplify the sound into a much stronger one.

1980’s changed miniaturized hearing devices forever. The City University of New York developed the first digital hearing aid. The internals consisted of a digital array processor as well as what was known as a microcomputer. From there the advancements continued to where we have today with AXIL. The technology and size as well as the overall appearance definitely has changed but the goal has remains the same. To give the user their much needed hearing back by audio amplification through an advanced conduit of electronics and microprocessors.

What Listening Devices Does AXIL offer?

Here at AXIL we currently offer a few different options for electronic listening devices. Both offer our proprietary line up of advanced processors in 100% Digital Signal Processing. Any of our electronic listening devices are great for anyone in the market to getting their hearing back.

Our Clear Flex I-Open Ear/Behind-The-Ear Device, Spectre Open-In Ear Hearing Device, and the Edge 90/360 all offer comfort and variable settings. Also, our SmartFIT Hearing Test & Programmer is a great hearing tester and programmer that you can use in your home or on the go.

Our entire line of hearing aid products come with the ability to use our Liquify Waterproofing process. This just overall protects your AXIL products from any dirt or debris that builds up after time and use.

Don’t forget preventative measures start with you. You know your hearing better than anyone else, don’t let it waste away due to sheer ignorance or laziness on your behalf. Take the steps now to enjoy the longevity of your hearing.