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Digital Ear Pro™

$899.00 USD

Perfect for Outdoor and Indoor Activities of All Types, Stadium Events, Tactical, Auto Racing, Shooting, Hunting, Concerts, Musicians, Night Clubs, Industrial, Construction, Motorcycling, General Conversation, TV and more.

  • Essential I™ 100% Digital Sound Processing (DSP)
  • Digital Sound Compression (DSC) Hearing Protection™
  • Custom Fit, Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Acrylic Shells
  • Manual Volume Control
  • Standard #312 Hearing Battery


Hearing/Sound Enhancement

The Essential I™ offers you a step up in clarity and overall hearing/sound performance.
You’ll have more hearing capacity and greater hearing clarity for all your activities.
Tunable to your environments for your best hearing performance.
Read more on our AudiCore™ Hearing Technology.

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Hearing Protection

You’ll have peace of mind in loud environments with our AudiCore™ technology to automatically compress all loud sounds to safe levels allowing you to protect your hearing from permanent hearing loss, damage and pain.
Read more on our AudiCore™ Hearing Technology


  • 28 dB Gain/Amplification
  • 4 Equalizer Bands for fine tuning sound quality
  • Tunable to your environment
  • Wind Resistant
  • Background Noise
  • Whistle/Feedback Cancellation
  • Liquify™ Water Resistance Features (Optional) 
  • Read More…

Custom Fit

  • Custom Fit, Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Acrylic Shells
  • We’ll guide you through the process of getting your ears molded, then through the utilization of cutting edge laser and 3D printing technology, our industry leading specialists will manufacturer the perfect fit for you. This insures you will have a snug, yet comfortable seal in your ears for maximum sound quality and hearing protection simultaneously. 

Additional Features

  • Manual Volume Control
  • Standard #312 Hearing Battery
  • Pull string for easy removal
  • Lanyard (Optional)

DEP Drawing


AudiCore™ Hearing Performance Technology

The AXIL AudiCore™ Hearing Performance technology is constantly evolving in the most advanced science(s) of digital hearing technology. Our AudiCore™ Digital Processing Circuitry converts sound waves of all types into actual digital code. AudiCore™ circuitry then reshapes the digital code and sends it to the miniaturized receiver (speaker). The receiver/speaker recreates a whole new sound based on the recalculations of the digital algorithms within the circuitry.

Sound can be shaped thousands of different ways. Over 1 Million sounds per second are instantly and automatically processed. All this in a micro-miniature circuit smaller than a small grain of rice.

You’ll notice loud sounds have become soft and safe, soft sounds have become clear and audible, normal sounds have also become enhanced for a fuller, richer sound- All to deliver a Full Surround Sound™ experience for your personal listening/hearing experience in any environment. Experience some of the finest hearing enhancement and protection all at the same time.

Simply put, you will experience some of the very best solutions for your ears for hearing/sound performance and simultaneous hearing protection.


Liquify™ Waterproofing (Optional)

AXIL has introduced and continues to lead the way in internal waterproofing. Traditional methods use cumbersome rubber pieces internally to keep moisture and water out. These wear out and are inefficient from the start.

Our Liquify™ process utilizes a patented liquid technology sealing all internal components for total waterproofing.

Up to 10M in submersible water for approximately 30 minutes.

Digital Ear Pro™

$899.00 USD