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Open 60 BTE Electronic Ear Protection


The Open Series don’t just enhance, they can also protect. Hunting, shooting, and other loud activities will potentially damage your remaining hearing.

Convert a passive listening device into active electronic hearing protection using the foam tips. The foam tips block up to 27 dB while any sounds 85 dB or above are digitally suppressed to avoid further hearing loss.

The Open 60 uses natural and digital sounds to augment your hearing. The clear acoustic tips let in natural sounds while the device will provide augmented digital hearing for what you can’t hear naturally.

The Open 60s are constructed of non-allergenic, medical grade polymer. Not only do the materials provide comfort, they are also weather resistant.

  • Low-profile Design
  • High Fidelity Digital Sound
  • 36 dB of Volume Enhancement
  • Digitally Compresses Noise Over 85 dB
  • 27 dB Noise Reduction Rating (with Foam Tips)
  • Background Noise Reduction
  • Programmable and Reprogrammable
  • Open 60 BTE Electronic Ear Protection