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AXIL GS Extreme 2.0 Shooting Ear Protection Ear Buds – Hearing Enhancement & Noise Isolation Bluetooth Earbuds – Bluetooth Hearing Protection w/Dynamic Speakers – 25-Hour Ear Protection for Shooting

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  • 3-in-1 AXIL Earbuds: Take your shooting hearing protection to the next level with AXIL GS Extreme 2.0 earbuds. These 3-in-1 AXIL ear protection earbuds are like having Bluetooth ear buds, noise isolation headphones 2 pack, and electronic ear muffs for shooting all in one product. Make these shooting and hunting accessories your new ‘’Go to Ears’’!
  • Advanced Technology: Our electronic hearing protection for shooting range and hunting allows you to switch between hearing enhancement and protection mode to Bluetooth audio mode, or tune to your environment by using both at the same time with the independent volume controls on the shooting and hunting hearing protection with Bluetooth.
  • Comfortable & Long-Lasting: GS Extreme noise canceling earbuds are designed with comfortable ear hooks to stay in place and a rechargeable lithium battery on the lanyard. Our Bluetooth ear plugs for loud environments provide 25 hours of run time or 120 hours of standby time.
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GS EXTREME 2.0 Ultimate Hearing Protection, Enhancement & Bluetooth 35% Off Coupon Applied!

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  • Per Pair Covers Manufacturers Defects, Malfunction from Normal Use & Wear
  • 1 Free Replacement! Replacement covers rain, water, mud, broken, chewed by your dog, driven over by your truck, shot by your gun — you name it, we’ll replace it!
  • Does not cover lost or stolen

From The Brand:

AXIL offers the most advanced line of technology-based products to cover all your personal hearing and audio needs.

AXIL operates with a clear vision that innovation is the heart of its business. With the fast-paced product and technology expansion, AXIL has led the way in providing the best product designs and advancements to the sporting goods industry.

Product Info:

2X Better Audio Quality + Clear Hearing Enhancement ( Up to 6X )

Better audio quality makes for a More Full, Rich Audio Experience. Increase your spacial awareness with enhanced hearing with the click of a button

2X Faster, Smoother Compression for Max Hearing Protection

Compresses loud sounds at 85dB or louder + Comes with an Extra Set of Heavy Duty Foam Earplugs for Maximum Seal in Almost Any Ear Canal Size

2X the Battery Life

  • 25 Hours Hearing Enhancement Only Run Time
  • 9 Hours Audio Only Run Time
  • 8 Hours Run Time When Hearing Enhancement & Audio are Used Simultaneously

Say Goodbye To Bulky Earmuffs

Protection that Stays in Place: GS Extreme 2.0 Tactical Wireless Earbuds - Designed to Fit Securely Under Hats, Glasses, and out of the way of Gun Stocks for Uninterrupted Safety and Hearing Protection!

ULTIMATE Hearing boost:

Turn on the hearing protection + Hearing enhancement and to boost your hearing up to 6X for ultimate situational awareness

Next-Level Hearing Protection:

Electronically compresses sounds over 85dB + provides up to 30dB SNR with a secure foam plug seal.


Stay connected wirelessly with Bluetooth capability while enjoying high-quality audio for music, podcasts, and calls.


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What are the advantages of hearing enhancement & protection at the same time? Arrow
Most people realize the problems in today’s world of plugging your ears off and not being able to maintain good hearing. Whether it’s shooting, hunting, construction, concerts, mechanics, auto racing, mining, industrial, manufacturing, motorcycles and so many more applications—we need to be able to hear while protecting our ears.
AXIL has developed the most advanced electronics and 100% digital technology to create a superior product offering that will simultaneously enhance your hearing to your desired level—whether you have normal hearing or hearing loss—and protect your hearing at the same time.
Thanks to modern technology, you can go anywhere and hear what you want to hear while simultaneously blocking out damaging loud sounds. You can be in the worst sound environments and tune all the harsh sounds out while letting in the desirable sounds and even turning them up as you choose, thus allowing you to enjoy your hearing while preserving it.
How will these help me in the outdoors? Arrow
Not only will you be able to hear elk bugling, deer grunting, or geese from far away, but you will also have the automatic shut off of any loud gunfire or other noises that would otherwise be damaging to your hearing, thereby allowing you to enjoy and protect your hearing in the outdoors. Anything over 93dB will be compressed so you can experience the outdoors perfectly and safely with AXIL Hearing Performance.
How durable are these? How long will they last? Arrow
The AXIL Product Line is made with the most advanced hearing protection components and are built for the outdoors. They offer excellent durability if you take reasonable care of them.
How long does the battery last? Arrow
GS Extreme uses a rechargeable lithium battery that provides 12 hours of hearing enhancement & protection and 120 hours of standby time.
How does the automating hearing protection work? Arrow
Any sound louder than 85 dB will be compressed for your hearing protection.
Can I use more than one mode at a time? Arrow
Absolutely. You can use 1 mode at a time (if you want just Bluetooth audio, just sound enhancement, or just hearing protection), or you can use 2 or even all 3 modes at the same time.
How do I control the different modes? Arrow
Your GS Extreme earbuds come with 2 tiny and intuitive control pads attached to the wire. One controls the Bluetooth audio and the other controls hearing protection & enhancement.
How does the 2-year replacement guarantee work? Arrow
If any damage happens to your earbuds in the first 2 years—ruined in the rain, chewed by your dog, run over by your truck, shot by your gun—we’ll replace it free of charge. No questions asked. You won’t find a guarantee like this for any competing product anywhere. *does not cover loss.
Are you a US-based company? Arrow
Yes, our company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT.
How long have you been in business? Arrow
Over 50 years and going strong.

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Package Dimensions : 5.08 x 3.11 x 1.73 inches; 4.97 Ounces Department ‏ : Unisex Adult Date First Available ‏ : November 24, 2021 Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ AXIL Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA Best Seller? : TOP AXIL seller multiple years in a row

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