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Join More than 100,000 Outdoor Enthusiasts Who Have Already Discovered How to Achieve Maximum Hearing Performance in their Daily Lives and Relationship While Having the Ultimate Edge in the Outdoors 

All with One Device

During Your FREE/NO COST– NO Obligation Phone Consultation, You’ll Receive the Following:


Review & Consultation (A $179 Value FREE to you)


  • Find Out If You Have Normal Hearing or Mild to Severe Hearing Loss
  • How to Get the Best Ear Pro or Hearing Aid w/ Ear Pro for Your Specific Needs
  • Your Best Course of Action to Get the Most Out of Your Hearing for the Rest of your Life.



Our Everyday Prices on Custom EAR PRO or Hearing Aids w/ EAR PRO Packages When You Schedule Your FREE Phone Consult Today!

  • That’s on Top of the 50% OFF SAVING of Traditional Hearing Clinic Prices
  • Choose to Order Online or Receive Service at a Local Clinic Near You-Over 1,200 Locations Nationwide & Growing
  • Experience Peace of Mind with Our 1 Year Guarantee on Any Custom Hearing Solution That’s Right – 1 YEAR! Most Clinics give you 30 days-60 if you’re lucky.

Help Us Custom Build the Perfect EAR PRO/Hearing Aid for You


Our Hearing Professionals Will Help You Custom Design the Best EAR PRO or Hearing Aid with EAR PRO for You and All Hearing Needs, As Follows:

  • Select the Most Advanced 100% Digital Hearing Enhancement or Hearing Aid Circuitry for You-Always Programmable & Re-programmable for Your Exact Hearing Chart Now and in the Future as it Changes.
  • Select the Right Hearing Protection Technology for Your Lifestyle
  • Add in 5.0 Bluetooth TRUE STUDIO Audio for All Your Music and Hands-Free Communication Needs.

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AXIL is the World Leader with Over 65 Year Experience
Combining the Most Advanced Hearing Enhancement/Hearing Aid Technology with Our Proprietary Hearing Protection & Now ALL NEW Bluetooth Audio All In One Device!
A Quick Word from Our Founder & Hearing Specialist: Wes Harris

Hear How Others Are Hearing & Achieving Maximum Quality of Life, Relationships & Engagement in the Outdoors with

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“I like the in the ear fit, and they work really well. I would recommend them.”


“Been using them for about 2 months and they are great!. Sometimes when I am done shooting a round of trap, I forget I have them in. After BS’ing in the clubhouse, and getting ready to go shoot another round, I look for them only to find I had left them in place. Couldn’t be happier with this product!!”


“I would like to thank AXIL for helping me to hear the sounds associated with duck hunting again.  I wear my behind the ear units every day now. It has been a long time since I have heard the whistling calls of the Pintail and Pigeon.  What a treat (a special treat) to hear the sounds I thought were lost to me forever. My biggest regret was I waited so long to get protection and help for my ears.  Thank you.”


“In my opinion the AXIL Hearing Protection is the best ear protection I have ever used in my 15 years as a Special Forces Assaulter.  I have used your AXIL Hearing Protection for the past 2 years in and out of combat. Again there has been nothing that has worked as well as your AXILs.  At first I thought the price was a little high compared to others, but now I realize you get what you pay for. Your hearing protection has out lasted and performed better than EVERYONE else.  Once my children reach the appropriate age to shoot and hunt, I will purchase AXIL for them. I wish I would have had these 10 years ago; it would have prevented some of my hearing loss.

I can’t say enough positive things about your AXILs and all the men here at the Special Forces Advance Urban Combat Course (SFAUC) swear by them.  We wear nothing else. I thank you once again for all that your AXILs have done for me.

To Whom That May Read This Letter:

In no way was I paid for this letter or was I asked for this letter.  I did not receive anything in return for this letter. What is stated above is the truth!”


Greetings from Africa. I would like to compliment you on your great product. I put the AXIL Open Ear Style to the test during my first 3 months away on safaris.  I was amazed at what I had been missing out on from a hearing prospective for all these years.



“I purchased my AXIL hearing devices in 2008. As a result of a work related injury, I am hearing impaired. After trying several expensive pairs of hearing aides with unfavorable results, I decided to give AXIL a try. They provide me with amplification that I need and unlike the expensive hearing aides, I do not have to remove them when talking on the phone. The size, comfort and capability of these quality units are exceptional. I have since purchased an additional pair as a spare.

The staff at AXIL have provided me with prompt and courteous service. My wife highly recommends this product!”