The Ultimate Tactical Advantage for Shooters and Hunters


Digital Hear Control™ boosts your hearing by up to 6x


Digitally compresses sounds over 85 dB back to safe levels with up to 29dB SNR


Connect your phone via Bluetooth 5.2 for studio-quality sound


Simply tap the earbud for instant hands-free communication

“I really really like these earbuds! I was able to shoot everything I have up to 308 and they suppressed everything as intended! My ears never hurt, but I can talk with my mom in between shots without removing headphones. Very clear and comfortable! It was different being able to hear the shot and the echo, but not hurting my ears. Would recommend!”
Travis S. Verified Purchase
“Small and light. Works perfectly for shooting the M4 and M9 during qualifying. I can't wait to see how they work on my deployments..”
Chris M. Verified Purchase
“Highly recommended indoor or outdoor range. I will buy another one as soon as the budget allows. Sound quality is a bonus!! All I can say is these ears are true awesomeness!!”
Glenn M. Verified Purchase
“These XCOR earbuds are the most comfortable and simple hearing protection items I have ever used. After about a minute I can't even feel they are in me ears. I love the charging case that will also charge your earbuds while in your pocket or away from any charging cords, and it's a great hard case that you can keep in your pockets without worrying about damaging your earbuds.”
Andy S. Verified Purchase
“High quality product!!! The case is magnetic to the point where they are not going to fall out. The ear buds are super secure in the case as well. Set up was super easy. Very impressed.”
Elaina P. Verified Purchase
“Best decision ever! The first time I used them I forgot I had them on at the range! Very comfy!”
Oscar G. Verified Purchase
“The enhanced feature is incredible. I really like the Bluetooth capability”
Allen H. Verified Purchase
“Been using these while pheasant and duck hunting and have been very pleased! I like being able to hear when I need to but having protection when I shoot.”
Ryan G. Verified Purchase
“If I were to sum it up in one phrase: Freedom. Freedom from bulky earmuffs and foam inserts. Freedom to hear the RO's commands, to have conversations behind the line and the ability to listen to music (I'm one to use this at the range). I was skeptical of the effectiveness of the electronic suppression. I am now a believer. While I could hear voices talking behind me, the sound of my firearm, and everyone else's firearm's bang, were reduced to a very bearable pop.”
Michael C. Verified Purchase



Boost your hearing by up to 6x, allowing you to hear even cracking twigs and rustling leaves in the distance.


Digital Hearing Protection compresses loud noises rather than shutting them off, allowing you to hear all the sounds around you without worrying about hearing damage.


Quickly and easily change the settings on your earbuds to turn hearing protection and enhancement on/off, adjust the volume, skip tracks, and even answer calls—without ever having to fumble for your phone.


Use the included charging case to recharge your earbuds 3 times, for a total of 4 charges and up to 16-48 hours of total battery life.
Estimated battery life when fully charged:
Up to 12 hours → Hearing Protection/Enhancement Only
Up to 6 hours → BT Audio Only
Up to 4 hours → Hearing Protection/Enhancement and BT simultaneously

Stays In Your Ears No Matter What

Bluetooth 5.0 with True Studio Audio Quality

Enhances and Protects Hearing Simultaneously

Works with Hats, Sunglasses, & High Wind

Earbuds Combine All 3 Technologies


Perfect for the gym, range, hunting and other outdoor activities, even in the rain


Easily recharge your earbuds up to 3 additional times with this convenient carrying case


Simply tap or hold the Touch Control Area to turn hearing protection or enhancement on or off, answer phone calls, skip tracks, and even adjust the volume for a seamless audio experience.


Connect your earbuds to your phone to enjoy music, podcasts, and shows, while making sure you never miss a call or text. These can even be paired with some Bluetooth-capable radios for 2-way communication out in the field.



High-quality, medical-grade foam provides a true seal of the ear canal and provides up to 29 dB in noise reduction


Hearing Protection with Advanced AutoBlocker™ automatically compresses sounds over 85 dB, allowing you to hear everything safely

HEAR CONTROL™ Volume Control

Choose how much to boost your hearing! Low (1x) is natural hearing. Medium (2x) doubles your hearing. High (up to 6x) dramatically boosts your ability to hear faint sounds.



If these aren’t the best earbuds you’ve ever used…for any reason…just let us know in 30 days and we’ll help you get a refund.


1-Year Limited Warranty

After the 30-day money-back period has passed, your product will still be eligible for the one year warranty, from the date of purchase.



If something happens to your earbuds, we’ll offer a free one-time replacement—no matter what the cause or condition—for 2 full years from your date of purchase.*Does not cover loss.

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Our Most Advanced Tactical Earbuds with Hearing Protection + Enhancement


  • XCOR Secure Fit - No Sticks or Discs
  • 19-29 dB SNR (depending on the ear tip style; foam provides more)
    Customizable Eartips (includes multiple sizes and styles of eartips for perfect fit)
    Passive Hearing Protection is always in place with the foam tips. They will protect against loud damaging sounds without any technology assistance.
  • USB-C Charging
  • Water & Dust Resistant
  • Wind Resistant
  • 5.2 Bluetooth
  • Estimated Battery Life
    Up To 12 hours → Hear Control™ Only
    Up To 6 hours → BT Audio Only
    Up To 4 hours → Hear Control and BT simultaneously
  • TAP Controls – control your volume levels just by tapping the device itself!
  • Portable Charging Case (keeps earbuds charged): Earbuds charge inside the charging case which gives you a full charge plus approximately 2 more full re-charges (Total 3)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SNR?
Single Number Rating is a specification used to determine protection levels given by all hearing protection and provides an easy reference to compare the different types of hearing protection. The higher the SNR level the more protection the product gives in a noisy environment.
What are the advantages of hearing enhancement & protection at the same time?
Whether it’s shooting, hunting, construction, concerts, mechanics, auto racing, mining, industrial, manufacturing, motorcycles and so many more applications—we need to be able to hear while protecting our ears. AXIL has developed the most advanced electronics and 100% digital technology to create a superior product that will simultaneously enhance and protect your hearing at the same time—whether you have normal hearing or hearing loss. Thanks to modern technology, you can hear what you want while simultaneously blocking out damaging loud sounds. You can be in the worst sound environments and block out all the harsh sounds while letting in the desired sounds! You can even turn them up as you choose, thus allowing you to enjoy your hearing while preserving it.
How will these help me in the outdoors?
Not only will you be able to hear elk bugling, deer grunting, or geese from far away, but you will also have the automatic shut off of any loud gunfire or other noises that would otherwise be damaging to your hearing, thereby allowing you to enjoy and protect your hearing in the outdoors. Anything over 93dB will be compressed so you can experience the outdoors perfectly and safely with AXIL Hearing Performance.
How durable are these? How long will they last?
The AXIL Product Line is made with the most advanced hearing protection components and are built for the outdoors. They offer excellent durability if you take reasonable care of them.
How long does the battery last?
The XCOR uses a rechargeable lithium battery that provides you with 12 hours of hearing enhancement, 6 hours of BT Audio, & 4 hours when you use both features simultaneously.
How does the automating hearing protection work?
Any sound louder than 85 dB will be compressed to protect your hearing. This compression is different from shut-off, as we want you to still hear what’s happening around you. You will still hear the compressed sound, but it will be at a safe level for your hearing.
Can I use more than one mode at a time?
Absolutely. You can use 1 mode at a time (if you want just Bluetooth audio, just sound enhancement, or just hearing protection), or you can use 2 or even all 3 modes at the same time.
How do I control the different modes?
Both of your XCOR earbuds come with intuitive Touch control pads, so you control everything with the tap of your finger. They also have a button for the hearing enhancement, which give you 3 levels of volume to choose from.
How does the 2-year replacement guarantee work?
If any damage happens to your earbuds in the first 2 years—ruined in the rain, chewed by your dog, run over by your truck, shot by your gun—we’ll replace it free of charge. No questions asked. You won’t find a guarantee like this for any competing product anywhere. *Does not cover loss.
Are you a US-based company?
Yes! AXIL engineers, designs, and ships these all from our headquarter office here in Salt Lake City, UT.
How long have you been in business?
Over 60 years and going strong. We started as a family hearing enhancement business, but wanted to help more people regardless of hearing loss, so we transitioned to be a hearing protection company. Because hearing aids are our foundation, we use this knowledge and legacy to innovate the best hearing protection on the market today.
What comes with the XCOR?
Here is a list of what comes with the XCOR when you order it! - The XCOR earbuds - Charging Case - Carrying Case - 3 Sizes of Protecting Foam Tips - 3 Sizes of Comfort Silicone Tips - A USB-C charging cable


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