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Open 90 BTE Electronic Ear Protection

$1,999.00 USD

The Open Series offers more than regular hearing aids; they’re great if you hunt, shoot, or do other loud activities. The foam tips convert them from passive listening devices to active electronic hearing protection against potentially damaging sounds.

The Open 90 blends natural and digital sounds into a total soundscape. Your natural hearing will pick up sounds through the clear acoustic tips. Augmented digital hearing comes through the thin teflon tubes. The included foam tips block up to 27 dB while the device provides you protected and filtered hearing. Any sounds 85 dB or above are suppressed to help avoid further hearing problems.

All components of the Open 90s are made from non-allergenic, medical grade polymer which provides absolute comfort; the polymer also prevents water or weather damage.

  • Low-profile Design
  • High Fidelity Digital Sound
  • 48 dB of Volume Enhancement
  • Digitally Compresses Noise Over 85 dB
  • 27 dB Single Number Rating (with Foam Tips)
  • Background Noise Reduction
  • Four Customizable Settings for Hearing Enhancement and Suppression
  • Programmable and Reprogrammable
  • Wind Resistant
  • Designed for Extended and Daily Use

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Open 90 BTE Electronic Ear Protection

$1,999.00 USD