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$2,799.00 USD

CUSTOM EDGE 360 Offers Premium 100% Digital Hearing Enhancement & Protection For All Your Professional, Recreational & Daily Wear Needs. Custom-Made To Your Exact Ear Shape For Maximum Performance & Comfort. Programmed & Reprogrammable To Your Exact Hearing Profile. 4 Hearing Programs Offer You the Selection of Hearing Modes for Any Environment. Hear Better Than Ever While Protecting Your Hearing Against Hearing Loss.

AXIL Leads The Industry In Hybrid Performance Hearing Technology.                     

CUSTOM EDGE 360 Delivers Ultra-Clear & Natural Hearing For Any Environment While Automatically Compressing Damaging Loud Sounds Back To Safe Levels, So You Experience Cutting Edge Hearing Enhancement & Hearing Protection At The Same Time.

  • Fits Discreetly Inside Your Ear
  • 100% Digital Hearing Enhancement
  • 100% Digital Compression On Loud Sounds Over 85 Decibels
  • 4 Customizable Settings for Hearing Enhancement & Protection
  • Programmable and Reprogrammable  To Your Hearing Profile
  • Wind and Background Noise Reduction
  • 27  dB Single Number Rating (dB SNR) Protection Rating
  • Designed for Daily & Extended Wear
  • Waterproofing Available


  • Sport Events
  • Concerts
  • Shooting
  • Hunting
  • Industrial
  • Motorsports
  • Construction
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Good for Normal Hearing to Moderately Severe Hearing Loss
  • Daily Wear

  SportEAR Custom Hunting Hearing Aids
  SportEAR Custom 30 SportEAR Custom 60 SportEAR Custom 90 SportEAR Custom 360 Extreme Edge
Profile Fits discreetly in your ear Fits discreetly in your ear Fits discreetly in your ear Fits discreetly in your ear Inner Ear Canal
Volume Enhancement 30dB 36dB 48dB 48dB 48-50dB
Digital Sound Compression Noise Over 85dB Noise Over 85dB Noise Over 85dB Noise Over 85dB Noise Over 85dB
Single Number Rating 27dB SNR 27dB SNR 27dB SNR 27dB SNR 27dB SNR
Customizable Channels 1 1 4 4 4
High Fidelity Digital Sound Enhancement Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Programmable and Reprogrammable No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Background Noise Reduction No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wind Reduction No No Yes Yes Yes
Designed for Extended and Daily Use No No Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic Masking for Tinnitus No No No Yes



$2,799.00 USD