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Shipping / Returns / Warranties

What is the Standard Warranty on AXIL Products?

The XCOR, GSX, andTRACKR come with a standard limited one (1) year warranty, which allows for replacement or repair with a paid deductible.

We do not offer a warranty on our ear plugs.

To learn more, please visit our Service & Warranty page: XCOR, GSX, andTRACKR come with a standard limited one (1) year warranty, which allows for replacement or repair with a paid deductible.

We do not offer a warranty on our ear plugs.

To learn more, please visit our Service & Warranty page:

Can I Buy an Extended Warranty on My AXIL Products?

Yes! To learn more, please visit our Service & Warranty page:

What If My Device Breaks, Malfunctions, or Is Lost?

Please contact our customer support team at or call us at (801) 566-0240. We can check to see if your product is still in warranty. If not, we can help you find the best solution.

Does AXIL Ship Internationally?

International orders usually cost $20-45 for shipping fees but can vary. International order shipping fees do not include customs, duties, or taxes.

All orders from the USA are shipped via UPS, USPS, or FedEx. All orders are shipped within 48 hours (excluding weekends) from when you place your order. Delivery time is usually 10- 20 business days.

About Us

Below are some of are common questions about AXIL


AXIL is the result of a 60-year legacy in helping people with hearing performance and protection.

Is AXIL a US Based Company?

Yes. AXIL is located outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Where is AXIL Located?

AXIL Headquarters are located at:
120 E. 13065 S. Suite 101
Draper, UT 84020

How Long has AXIL Been in Business?

Over 60 years. AXIL is a rebranding of combining two brands: SportEAR- established in 2000 & the Harris Hearing Group- established in 1958. The AXIL brand was introduced in 2012.

How Many Locations Does AXIL Have?

AXIL sells to the entire world from its headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT. We sell to sporting good retailers and mass chain retailers worldwide. Our other operational locations are for manufacturing purposes only.


Below are some common questions about our products

What are the Advantages of Hearing Enhancement & Protection At The Same Time?

Most people realize the problems in today’s world of plugging your ears off and not being able to maintain good hearing. Whether it’s shooting, hunting, construction, concerts, mechanics, auto racing, mining, industrial, manufacturing, motorcycles and so many more applications- we need to be able to hear while protecting our ears.

AXIL has developed advanced electronics and 100% digital technology to create a superior product offering that will simultaneously enhance your hearing to your desired level and protect your hearing at the same time.

Thanks to modern technology, you can go anywhere and hear what you want to hear while simultaneously blocking out damaging loud sounds. You can be in the worst sound environments and tune all the harsh sounds out while letting in the desirable sounds and even turning them up as you choose, thus allowing you to enjoy your hearing while preserving it.

How Will These Help Me in the Outdoors?

Imagine being in the mountains and hearing elk bugling or deer grunting from a distance. The sounds of nature will come in through stereo surround sound and sound better than ever with AXIL hearing performance products.

You will also have the automatic compression of any loud gunfire or other noises that would otherwise be damaging to your hearing, thereby allowing you to fully enjoy your hearing and experience in the outdoors.

How Will These Help Me in my Daily Life?

You can use these for your daily life as much or little as you prefer. If you need to utilize hearing performance every day, you can use this all day long every day of the week. If you work in an environment where you need to hear and protect, you can use them there as needed.

These are ultra-comfortable, high performing and are great for daily wear.

Ear Buds, Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs - What Do I Need Now?

Our entire line of ear buds, ear muffs, ear plugs, and digital hearing performance and protection are based on two simple concepts; first, allowing you to maintain or enhance your hearing while having simultaneous hearing protection at the same time.

Secondly, getting all the best applications for the ear into one device that fits comfortably in your ears.

What Applications Can I Use These For?

Daily Use


Industrial/Construction/Power Tools/Mechanics

Auto Racing/Tractors/Machinery

Concerts/Stadium Events


And many more…

Can I Use These as Hearing Enhancement if I Have Hearing Loss?

These will not correct your hearing loss, but you can use these for sound enhancement every day as most of our customers do.

How Durable Are These? How Long Will They Last?

The AXIL product line is built for the outdoors. They offer excellent durability if you take reasonable care of them.

Where Can I Purchase AXIL Products?

Order Online Today at!

Call Us for an Independent Rep or Retailer Near You. (801) 566-0240


Visit Us at a Tradeshow Near You

Which AXIL Device is Right for Me?

The main considerations here are as follows:

How often will you use this?

What type of environments will you be using this in?

Are you using this for professional, recreational or sound enhancement purposes, or all the above?

Each time you go up in price, the main improvements you will get will be as follows:

Greater sound quality

More power to enhance sounds in your environment

More advanced background reduction technology

Are These Bluetooth?

For general products, look for the Bluetooth mark on each product.

If you need sound enhancement with protection and Bluetooth, call us today and we can help you find the right product for you with the hearing protection you need.

Are They Comfortable?

Yes. AXIL products are designed for daily or occasional wear.

Will They Stay Secure in My Ears and Not Fall Out?

AXIL products are designed to stay in your ear no matter how active you are as they capture the perfect shape in your ear and hold in accordingly.

What is the NRR/SNR on the Products?

You can find the dB SNR on each product on its individual page. We use Single Number Rating (SNR) instead of Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). The general range of SNR on all hearing protection products in the world range from 5-30 dB. The higher the number, the greater level of protection.

Are They Waterproof?

Some of our products are water-resistant and have an IPX rating.

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