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GS Extreme 2.0

Starting At 35% OFF - add two or more to save 50%! $199.99 USD $129.99 USD
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GS Extreme 2.0 delivers 3 products in 1; it’s like having Bluetooth ear buds, noise isolation headphones and electronic earmuffs all in one product. Make these your new ‘Go to Ears’! 

29 dB Single Number Rating (SNR)

Available Now! *when compared to GSX 1.0

2.5X Better Audio Quality

  • Better audio quality makes for a More Full, Rich Audio Experience

2.5X Faster, Smoother Compression for Max Hearing Protection

  • Extra Set of Heavy Duty Foam Earplugs for Maximum Seal in Any Ear Canal Size

2.5X the Battery Life

  • 25 Hours Hearing Enhancement Only Run Time
  • 9 Hours Audio Only Run Time
  • 8 Hours Run Time When Hearing Enhancement & Audio are Used Simultaneously


  • SportFit Ear Hooks to Comfortably Stay in Your Ear
  • Rechargeable lithium battery on lanyard
  • Up To 25 hours hearing enhancement & protection run time
  • Up To 120 hours standby time
  • Control sticks for Bluetooth and hearing & protection volume

    Switch between Sound Enhancement & Protection Mode to Bluetooth Audio Mode, or use both at the same time with independent volume controls to tune to your environment.

    • Sound Enhancement & Hearing Protection
    • 5.0 Bluetooth Audio for Studio Quality Audio & Hands Free Communication
    • Compresses loud sounds at 85 dB or louder
    • 6.5 premium dynamic speaker
    • 0 Hz-40,000 Hz sound spectrum
    • 19 dB SNR with Silicone Tips
    • 29 dB SNR with General Foam Tips
    • 29 dB SNR with Max Protect Foam Tips

    • Hold down the main BT button to turn on and off.
    • Plus button on Bluetooth: one press increases volume; long press skips song
    • Minus button on Bluetooth: one press decreases volume; long press skips song
    • Bluetooth button: one press pauses music and answers phone calls; two presses calls back the person who you last called; three presses hang up phone call; long press activates Siri for iPhone.
    • Light is red when charging and turns blue when done.

    check out the QUICK START GUIDE 

    GS Extreme 2.0

    Starting At 35% OFF - add two or more to save 50%! $199.99 USD $129.99 USD