Service & Warranty

Limited 1 Year Warranty

The below products come with a standard limited one (1) year warranty, which allows you replacement with a paid deductible. Please see the chart below.

  • XCOR
  • GS Extreme

We do not offer a warranty on our plugs.


Please see our Return Policy for issues within 30 days.

For other information on our warranty or service issues, please email us at or call at (801) 566-0240.





Extended Warranty


Interested in an Extended Warranty?

AXIL Extended Warranty – You will enjoy a 2 year warranty instead of the standard 1 year limited warranty, depending on the product you purchase. (Extended Warranty must be purchased at the time of original order.)

For XCOR, XCOR Digital, XPHERE, GS Extreme,  & TRACKR:

      • One Time Covered Replacement. Deductible to be paid for any following replacements during the life of the warranty.
      • Replacement covers all damage such as rain, water, mud, broken, chewed on by your dog, driven over by your truck, shot by your gun - YOU NAME IT, WE’LL REPLACE IT!
      • We ask you return the units to us in whatever state they are in and we will exchange it for you. This warranty does not cover loss or stolen.
Warranty Price and Deductibles
Product Price Deductible
XCOR $30 $30
GS Extreme $25 $25
TRACKR Blu $25 $25