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What are the Best Ear Plugs – 2019

Whether for a static or active environment, ear plugs are a solid choice for those that don’t enjoy the clutter that earmuffs sometimes provide. If you need something simple or something that has all the bells and whistles, there are options out there to protect your hearing. Ear plugs are also much more convenient to travel with and are much more inconspicuous to the naked eye. But what type of ear plugs are on the market and how can AXIL assist in making your life as comfortable as possible.

What’s On The Market Today

With what’s involved in your life and how much you can spend, there’s a range of various hearing devices to choose from. The ever popular are  ear plugs. They are non-electronic silicone or foam material that literally plugs up the ear. Different brands and manufacturers can be found anyplace and anywhere. At any rate the solution should be the same, to preserve hearing by protecting as much of the ear canal as possible. Other than being extremely inexpensive and found anywhere, they can be easily stored in your pockets. This would be more used in situations where keeping a low cost is essential and hearing others isn’t as vitally important.

When you want to be discreet, comfortable and protected there are options out there for you. Take the same concept of the basic foam/silicone plug that was talked about previously and add the options to either have onboard electronics that you would with ear muffs and have it custom molded to your personal ear canal. Sometimes you don’t want to be tied down with bulky ear muffs, hate cords but also want to be able to carry a conversation with others. Universal or custom in-ear electronic ear plugs may be an option to look into. Most that are out there run off of smaller batteries like the kind you’d find in hearing aids. The biggest benefit to these is how much protection is gained in such a tiny package. Picture having the ability to have adjustable volume to what’s going on around you and protect the hearing you have, or at the very least assist in the unfortunate damage that may already be done. If you’re constantly on the move, hate earmuffs and want to be able to hear others than electronic in ear plugs may be your choice. You don’t need to let everyone know that you’re protecting your ears, and having electronic in ear plugs is the answer for what you’ve been searching for.

Earplugs offer so much in such a tiny footprint and are usually adjustable depending on the size of your ear canal. Depending on the chore or task, ear muffs can put pressure on your ear cartilage and cause discomfort. Also in the case of shooting or hunting, gaining proper “cheek weld” on the buttstock of your rifle proves to be increasingly difficult with large muffs. Having small ear plugs allows you to have as much contact with the buttstock as possible therefore allowing you so much more control and attain proper shot placement on target.

Ok I get it, but what does AXIL offer?

Our non-electronic ear plugs offer everything from foam plugs, XP3 plugs, X-Pro Passive Ear Protection as well as the XP Series in the Defender/Reactor Models. They still all offer great protection in a small inexpensive package to ensure the user will still retain their hearing no matter the chore or activity.


Our universal in-ear electronic ear plugs are great for discretion and comfort. Our GS Digital 1/GS Digital 2 have quality onboard electronics still in a tiny footprint. Depending on which model you purchase, they may have more sound level features as well as higher level onboard electronics than the others.


AXIL’s premier line of hearing protection is our custom molded products. We use a specialized process so that the product is made for you and you alone. They all have color options during checkout so that you can have the actual plug or faceplate in the color of your choice. The few that we offer is our Digital Ear Pro 1 & 2, Custom Edge 60, 90 & 360 and the deluxe Extreme Edge model. Regardless of the model, they all have the comfort and quality you’d expect from AXIL and some will virtually disappear while in your ear.


Everyone lives their life differently, but we all need to think at what type of ear plugs are best for us. Hearing loss is a serious issue and not something folks think about until it’s unfortunately too late. Don’t wait and be preventative whenever you can. Whether entry level or the premier models, AXIL offers a little something for everyone.