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X-Pro Passive Ear Protection

$34.99 USD
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Earplugs are essential for hearing protection. Typical earplugs protect your hearing, but they can be a hassle. Sometimes you need to hear and they block too much, so you have to take them out. They’re small and easily lost. They get deformed easily, they are hardly ever comfortable, and they seem to fall out more than they stay in your ear. 



After the X-Pro is comfortably settled in your ear, the closed valve will protect your hearing by giving you 29 dB SNR with the foam tips or 19 dB SNR with the silicone tips.

To allow sound to pass through naturally, you can simply press the button again to open the acoustic valve, instead of completely removing the earplugs.

EASY CONTROL Push button to hear, push again to protect.

19 dB SNR Silicone Tips (in closed position)
29 dB SNR Foam Tips (in closed position)


X-Pro Plugs are made from soft, hypoallergenic polymer. Low profile design allows you to keep them in place while wearing a mask, helmet, hat, or while using a phone, headphones or supplemental hearing muffs. X-Pro Earplugs are washable and reusable to help you avoid the hassle and extra expense of constantly having to replace disposable earplugs.

Uses Include: Hunting, Auto Racing, Military, Law Enforcement, Sporting Events, Target Shooting, Concerts, Industrial, Sleeping/Snoring.

All ear plugs are non-returnable.

X-Pro Passive Ear Protection

$34.99 USD