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Extreme Edge™ Blue

$5,499.00 USD
Full 360° Surround Sound for any professional or recreational hearing environment. Whether you have normal hearing to severe hearing loss, these will outperform any hearing device available costing 2-4X our Consumer Direct Pricing.

  • Smartphone Compatible
  • Wireless Audio and Handsfree Communication
  • AudiCORE 4.0™ 100% Digital Sound Processing (DSP)
  • Custom Fit, Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Acrylic Shells
  • Manual Volume Control
  • Custom Standard uses #10 Hearing Aid Battery
  • Custom Full Shell uses #312 Hearing Aid Battery


  • Connect your smartphone to your device
  • Stream audio from your phone
  • Never lose your Extreme Edge with “Find My Hearing Device” service
  • Remote programming from our office for instant upgrades and settings

Hearing/Sound Enhancement

Extreme Edge Blue gives you an ultra small, light-weight solution for your hearing needs. Simply place this in your ear and start hearing immediately. "Custom Fit" gives you some of the best fit and performance available. We can get your hearing headed in the right direction with total ease and affordability. This is the perfect solution for Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss. Order today- start hearing better tomorrow!™

SMART Technology Built In

Our Custom Edge Series now has built-in SMART Technology making this our most advanced product ever. SMART Technology allows you to connect your smartphone to your Hearing Device. You can control your settings, stream music, and it includes “Find My Hearing Device” locator. Plus, we can program your hearing device from our lab directly to your smartphone for instant upgrades and reprogramming where ever you are.


  • 35 dB Gain/Amplification
  • 4 Memory Push Button for Different Listening Environments or Volume Levels
  • Programmable and Re-Programmable to your exact hearing preference / need
  • Wind Resistant
  • Ultra Background Noise Filtering
  • Ultra Whistle/Feedback Cancellation
  • Liquify™ Water Resistance Features (Optional)
  • Custom Fit Medical Grade, Non-Allergenic Acrylic Shells

Additional Features

  • Push button Volume Control
  • Custom Standard uses #10 Hearing Aid Battery
  • Custom Full Shell uses #312 Hearing Aid Battery
  • Easy to Put On and Remove

* Featuring Resound Key, ReSound Linx or Resound One

Extreme Edge™ Blue

$5,499.00 USD