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SportEAR Applications

There are many applications for SportEAR products. Here are some of the activities where SportEAR's products have been used.


SportEAR was designed to do two of the most important jobs in hunting – help hunters hear their game animals while protecting that hearing ability from gun blast. SportEAR's AutoBlocker™ technology works by compressing sounds that reach unsafe levels while allowing the user to hear lower decibel noises and enhanced higher frequency sounds. This technology allows hunters and others exposed to loud noises to stop hearing damage before it begins, while reducing "flinch" for more accurate shot placement. Natural wildlife sounds are simultaneously enhanced. SportEAR's combination of hearing technology and protection is an advantage all hunters require.


Both on the range and working through field problems, SportEAR allows shooters to concentrate on excellence while enjoying complete hearing protection. SportEAR's AutoBlocker™ technology protects ears from damaging noise like gunfire, or other intense impulse sounds. Reducing the impact on your eardrums protects your hearing and greatly reduces your "flinch" when firing a shot, allowing for more accurate targeting and shooting. At the same time, overall hearing is greatly enhanced for safety, while on-range or shooting with companions. Whether competition shooting or just sighting in, SportEAR provides a real advantage for shooters.


Keeping others safe often occurs in noisy situations, where improved hearing is as important as hearing safety. SportEAR gives safety professionals the best of both advantages. SportEAR's programmable technology allows custom tuning to ensure hearing protection, while increasing the ability to hear crucial sounds (such as human voices). At the same time, SportEAR can decrease background noises (such as turbines and machinery) that distract from necessary span of attention. For a safety "plus" at work, from directing traffic to flight line maintenance, SportEAR is required hearing!

Outdoors / Recreation

Hearing in the Great Outdoors is a primary benefit of being there. SportEAR's product series provide several combinations of channels and internal bands to amplify and provide clearer outdoor sounds. Some SportEAR models offer extra channels to more clearly identify the direction from which sounds originate. The quality of outdoor listening is enhanced, while loud ambient noise levels, which detract from the outdoor experience, are reduced. SportEAR helps you make the most of your outdoor time.


Both drivers and fans enjoy their sports in high-noise conditions – with SportEAR, the hours of participation stay sharp, with no residual hearing loss. Programmability ensures that SportEAR users will experience customized performance, to match existing track and shop conditions. Noise reduction technology filters sounds, to allow for both protection and enhancement in many situations. The circuitry amplifies safe sounds while compressing powerful sound waves over 80-110 dB to a safer level. This simultaneously enhances hearing while protecting against dangerous noise levels – a double safety plus at any track or shop.

Musicians / Concerts

SportEAR's advanced technology makes a concert memorable, while smoothing amplified sounds and protecting from sudden and loud intensifications. Noise reduction technology filters sounds to allow for both protection and enhancement in many situations. SportEAR's combinations of all-digital circuitry, channels, bands and on-board software maximize hearing, while providing all-important protection. SportEAR's programmable capability allows a user to customize the product for a specific hearing environment. Serious musicians and fans find SportEAR the perfect accessory for safe and complete hearing enjoyment.


Any situation that combines high-noise with the need for high-hearing is a SportEAR opportunity for service, just as daily use in home and business brings SportEAR wearers the true clarity of life. From site-specific hearing protection to all-day wear, SportEAR has the right combination of state-of-the-art digital technology, models, circuitry, ergonomic choices and programmability for every hearing environment.