Why Us

Because you love the outdoors… you love to hunt… you love the competition between you and the prey, and the camaraderie between you and your fellow hunters! You also love to hear and want to be able to hear well for the rest of your life. Welcome to SportEAR - The World’s Most Advanced, 100% Digital Hearing Enhancement & Protection Instruments for sports men and women! Dear Friend, If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve come to SportEAR for one of two reasons… 1.    You want “Super Hearing” ability to get an advantage over the game you’re bag that trophy you’re after, and you’re smart enough to know it’s important to protect your good hearing at the same time.  Smart move! 2.    Or… you’d like to hear better again, and protect the hearing you still have left. Hi. I’m Weston Harris, one of SportEAR’s founders. If you’re in group one, congratulations. You may be one of the wise few who have decided early on to postpone the need for hearing aids by 10-20 years and maybe more. So you’re actively being careful to protect your ears. It’s true… an ounce of prevention can save you years of frustration, not being able to hear what others are saying and what’s going on around you in life. And it doesn’t hurt that you’ll hear the outdoors better than any predator alive! If you’re in group two, well, don’t feel like you’re the only one. The truth is, most of us put off using proper hearing protection for too long, have done too much shooting, listened to too much loud music, or have hobbies, work, or military service that have affected our hearing. You’ve learned a tough lesson, but you still want maximum hearing advantage in the outdoors, to continue to enjoy life to the fullest. Isn’t that how you’re hearing got damaged in the first place? Life is great. Hearing well makes life even better…and odds are it’s not too late for you! I want you to know that I founded SportEAR with others who are all avid outdoors men & women. We get it! We understand you. We are hearing professionals and hunters! Our main business has always been innovating, manufacturing & retailing high end hearing aids. We have fit thousands of people one-on-one with hearing aids. We are the only high-end hearing protection company in the world that innovates and engineers our entire sport-hearing line from scratch. We don’t buy our hearing aids overseas and simply stamp our name on them. We work with the best engineers in the hearing aid industry to develop a superior line just for you. You go into the most rugged environments and the most demanding outdoor situations and need a product you can rely on to hear better and protect your hearing at the same time. Whether it’s on an Alaskan trophy hunt, an intense African safari, or simply “shootin varmints” in the open fields, we know what it’s like to hurt your ears with loud muzzleblast. The point is, my team and I have developed these products for our own use first. (Like I said, we are avid outdoorsmen/women ourselves.) Over 12 years ago, we combined our experience in the outdoors, industrial, military, and other environments with our professional hearing aid experience and developed our first, “hearing enhancement with automatic hearing protection” line. The result… SportEAR. We officially launched in 2002 and in a few short months took the lead position. (There had been other competitors, who simply purchased off the shelf products, stamped their name on them and called it innovative.) NOT OUR DEFINITION OF INNOVATION. How about yours? We immediately received Best In Class recognition from many top gun companies and retailers acknowledging SportEAR as the best hearing enhancement and protection products in the world. And we’ve lead the way in innovation ever since. SportEAR 2-in-1 technology Let me say, in all modesty, this is the coolest technology for your ears. You can hear the outdoors in full stereo. It’s like taking an advanced home stereo system and placing it right inside your ear.  Wait ‘til you hear hundreds of geese or ducks coming towards you, or an elk bugling a mile away, or you get an earlier take on where that trophy buck you’re after is.  We’ve enjoyed this advantage for years and let me candidly tell you… IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE. Take a look at some of our own trophy pictures on this site to prove it…
It may even make you a better shot! You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. 
Imagine… you’re in the great outdoors and you see something you want to take home. What do you do? You pull up your gun and take the shot! Always right next to your delicate inner ear functions and sometimes right next to your buddy’s delicate inner ear functions (I’ve done it myself and let’s face it… not the brightest thing to do). So what happens next? You flinch. (Not realizing that your flinch happened because the muzzleblast clobbered your ears.) Maybe you missed the shot because of your flinch, and instead of your trophy, you – and your buddy – go home with ringing ears that last for days. 
Sound familiar? You and I are in the same club. But not so with SportEAR! Let’s step back to when you raise your gun to shoot. But this time you do so with confidence. You’re wearing your SportEAR hearing enhancement and protection device. So you pull the trigger knowing that you won’t flinch from painful muzzleblast. Down goes your trophy. Up goes the mount on your wall. 
And you’re planning your next wildly successful hunt. How does SportEAR do this? SportEAR has developed the most advanced hearing protection technology available. 1. The muzzleblast – or any other loud sound – goes into the device and actually gets converted into digital code. 2. Our proprietary computer program tells the circuit how to re-create the new sound before sending the sound on, into your ear at a much safer level. 
All this without cutting out the other sounds you want to hear (unlike the weaknesses inferior products are known for). You’ll have the best hearing in the woods. And when you take that shot, your SportEAR device will protect your hearing simultaneously. Think about it… When you go in the woods, your gun is easily your most needed tool, but it’s actually the least used. You rely mostly on your ears and eyes. Of course, your binoculars are used occasionally, depending on the situation. But your hearing is vitally important, moment-by-moment, all day, every day. And with SportEAR in your ears you get maximum hearing advantage all the time. The SportEAR Advantage At SportEAR, you get the very best hearing enhancement & protection products on the market. Better yet, you get them
straight from us. We innovate and manufacture our entire line, to ensure the best quality, fit and performance every time.None of our competitors can make that claim.SportEAR is the clear leader in sound quality, ergonomic design, fit, performance and the very best features for the best prices.We have incorporated superior hearing technology, which would easily cost you several thousands of dollars more if purchased through a clinic. No other sport hearing device compares.
Look at what our customers and some of the best in the field have to say about SportEAR. Notice many of the trophies taken throughout this site thanks to the SportEAR hearing advantage.
Call us today at 866-422-5502. You can also visit one of our retailers or simply order now, right here, online and put the SportEAR advantage to work for you on your next hunt. You’ll hear the outdoors in full stereo and protect your hearing from damaging loud sounds to preserve your precious hearing for years to come.
Weston Harris President P.S. Your hearing is so important to living a fulfilling life, you just can’t take it for granted. May I highly recommend you discover more about hearing, hearing loss, and how to prevent it? I have taken the liberty of providing this important information. Simply click on the links below…