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Foam Ear Plugs - 200 Pair Box

$34.99 USD

AXIL Foam Earplugs offer comfortable hearing protection for all of your needs. These are designed to fit all ears and are very easy to use and throw away. Washable and re-usable several times if necessary. Easy to keep on hand to always ensure you have something available.

  • 32 dB Single Number Rating (SNR)




You'll enjoy exceptional comfort from our soft, non-allergenic, Comfort Foam material. Memory Foam is self-conforming and non-allergenic, which contours precisely to your ear, while returning to its original shape afterwards for additional uses. Extremely lightweight and incomparably comfortable.


32 dB Single Number Rating (SNR) - Open Cell Foam allows sound to break up and misdirect, weakening the signal that reaches your ear. This is one of the best protection ratings you can get in an earplug.


The AXIL Memory Foam is durable and easily washable to reuse as many times as you like. Simply wash and place back in its original container until your next use. This is some of the most comfortable foam on the market. 


As affordable and easy as these are, keep several pairs around wherever they might be needed. Never go without hearing protection. Keep them as long as you want. Toss them when you're ready. Enjoy affordability and ease of use with AXIL Foam Earplugs.


All earplugs are non-returnable.

Foam Ear Plugs - 200 Pair Box

$34.99 USD