For many sportsmen, there is no better way to enjoy the great outdoors than by being in the field tracking and hunting. There is something about being close to nature and away from civilization, searching for food that appeals to the survival aspect of human nature. As exciting as it can be, safety in hunting is always paramount and there is a degree of comfort that can be had by having good equipment and supplies. One of the most important pieces of equipment is hunting ear muffs, and anyone who has shot a 30-06 or been in the vicinity can attest to this. Choosing the right pair can be easy and enjoyable and requires some simple information to aid in good decision-making.

Axil’s Top Ear Muff Picks for Hunters


Axil Trackr Blu - Along with 27 Decibel SNR hearing protection, the Trackr Blu also reduces wind noise providing clarity to hear approaching wildlife and game. They also provide 5.0 Bluetooth allowing hands-free connectivity to other devices and apps that can aid in your hunting trip. From listening to music to being able to talk on the phone, the potential uses can’t be overstated. The Blu also provides adjustable sound enhancement, amplifying hearing while still maintaining ear protection against loud noise like gunfire. Three separate devices combined into one ergonomic yet durable and water-resistant design. And, in our opinion, the best hearing protection to help prevent hearing loss and amplification offerings for experienced or beginner hunters.

Trackr Electronic Ear Muffs - The Trackr is designed for comfort in the field, with the low profile design being perfect for a hunter that needs to raise their rifle at a moment’s notice without having their should knock away their critical hearing protection. The comfortable headband with a metal wire frame allows a hunter to wear these without having to constantly adjust whenever moving. Single volume control allows customizable hearing enhancement based on the environment to suit the hunter’s needs in the field.


Trackr Passive Ear Muffs - With 25 DB SNR hearing protection, the Trackr Passive will protect hearing without adding extra weight or space to the equipment needed to be carried in the field. Completely unburdensome and simple to contract and put away. Ultra-compact and durable, the Trackr Passive is great for beginner hunters new to wearing hearing protection.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing Ear Muffs

When choosing shooting earmuffs (or ear cups) for the first time, it’s important to check the noise reduction rating against what activities are being planned. For instance, for a large game hunt with very high caliber rifles, a maximum noise reduction rating would be desired because of the increased sound levels of the gun shots. Versus, recreational shooting with handguns or low-caliber rifles. Sound enhancement should also be considered for different reasons. For new shooters or hunters, hearing instructions or commands from a guide or instructor can be very challenging on a shooting range or in a training environment. People able to hear clearly can aid in learning much faster and achieving comfort at arms. For experienced hunters, being able to communicate with lower voices or sounds as well as being able to hear potential game from a distance, giving much-needed time to prepare and aim down sites would be the benefits of hearing enhancement. Bluetooth earmuffs improve connectivity with a phone or communication device and can improve communication wirelessly giving hunters a technological advantage over the environment they would not have had otherwise.

Comfort and Wearability: Ensuring a Perfect Fit

As mentioned above, low-profile design is important when it comes to hunting or training with long guns. But ergonomic design goes beyond just shouldering a rifle, it applies to comfort and wearability. Long hunting sessions are typical, even a short hunt can be an all-day event. Because of this, it is very important to choose earmuffs designed to be worn for an extended period, with features like long battery life, durability, ear protection, resistance to sweat or moisture, and completely adjustable for different head sizes or to accommodate a hat or eye protection. The seal around the ear should be flush and not have to be moved or shifted once put on properly, and being able to fold or compact earmuffs for easy storage is an important benefit as well.

Advanced Technology in Noise Reduction and Sound Quality

It can be easy to simplify noise reduction by checking the rating written on a package of hearing protection, but it’s also important to check out the technology. For instance, sound compression is more advanced than simply blocking loud noises out. Using Digital Sound Compression technology, physical sound can be allowed to be converted into a digital code, meaning loud noise levels can be reduced to a safe and comfortable level. It also allows a degree of clarity for sound enhancement, so hearing is protected from loud sounds while overall making all sounds clearer and easier to hear. SNR (Single Number Rating) and NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) are methods of measuring the protection level of earmuffs and earplugs. The general range of hearing protection products is between 5 and 30, with the higher the SNR the greater the ear protection. The Trackr Blue, for instance, has a 27 dB Single Number Rating putting it towards the higher end of electronic hearing protection muffs.

Durability and Water Resistance: Gear that Lasts

Durability for hunting equipment is essential. Harsh weather and rugged terrain are standard and a typical aspect of the hunting experience. Because of this hunting gear must be designed to last and not only have water resistance but also be able to take a beating and continue to function. A hot dry environment will cause most hunters to sweat more, meaning even in low precipitation situations, sweat is often an issue that requires equipment and electronic hearing protection to be resistant. Hearing protection will get dropped at some point. Hunters will bump earmuffs against a tree when aiming and looking for balance. Hearing protection often gets exposed to rain and other elements. These are all important considerations when choosing the best ear protection.

Making an Informed Choice: Selecting the Best Hunting Ear Muffs

Knowing the environment can help a hunter or outdoorsman to make an informed choice when deciding which are the best hunting earmuffs, however, Axil’s range of different products can often accommodate most situations a hunter would find themselves in including indoor gun ranges, outdoor courses, and hunting trips with less than stellar weather conditions. With durability, ergonomic design, great ear protection, and hearing enhancement technology, Axil’s products can help a hunt to be more safer, more comfortable, and more successful.

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