Axil Core Technology

Axil Core Sound Technology

AXIL offers the most advanced line of technology-based products to cover all your personal hearing and audio needs. AXIL introduces the most revolutionary concept for personal sound by combining the best of hearing and audio technologies into technology platforms allowing hybrid technology to deliver all the needs you have for your ears in single product devices. You can mix and match from our technologies as you need, according to the product and applications you need.



AudiCORE™ 100% Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

The Most Advanced Line Up of Digital Sound Microprocessing. Period.

The AudiCORE™ (AC) line offers the AXIL proprietary line up of advanced microprocessors in 100% Digital Signal Processing. AC circuitry converts sound from a physical sound wave into digital code. Allowing us to shape sound any way we choose. The AC signal processing will handle more than 1 million sounds per second, change soft and medium sounds to be louder and loud sounds to be softer- in milliseconds- automatically- before you even know anything is happening.

AudiCORE™ 2.0-4.0 can be programmed and re-programmed according to your preference or your change in hearing levels over the years ahead, through advanced digital computer programming. AC can be programmed more than 5,000 different ways with more than 100 different digital adjustments to control and shape sound to your preference and best hearing. All this in a circuit no more than the size of a tiny grain of rice.

This allows us to shape your hearing as you wish according to your lifestyle and needs. When needed, you will have the added benefit of simultaneous hearing protection. These advanced digital microprocessors can handle all sound effortlessly and automatically.


4.0- AudiCORE™ 4.0 

delivers the most wide range, full sound experience available- no matter where you are or what your hearing needs may be. Experience rich, full sound across the entire sound spectrum with additional clear high fidelity emphasis. Supports any level of hearing loss you have and gain requirements your AXIL device will need. AC 4.0 offers the most cutting-edge Background Noise Layered Filtering, Adaptive Feedback Management and Tinnitus Masking technologies in the world.

AC 4.0 Offers Rapidfire™ Digital Compression (RFDC) to give you the most advanced multi-attack response time possible. You’ll be able to enter the most aggressive sound environments of any kind- knowing you have the hearing protection to adjust automatically and keep up with any demands you put on it. RapidFire™easily and automatically handles the loudest noises from all angles and several sound points to give you the maximum protection every time.

AC 4.0 RapidFire™ is the only microprocessor to handle hearing protection in a unique way; only cutting out loud sounds over 85 dB without affecting the sounds coming through under 85 dB. No more interruption of sound when you need it most.

AC 4.0 is Our Top of the Line Technology.

Products With Core 4.0

Extreme Edge

Custom Edge 360


Core 2.0

AC 2.0 gives you the lows, mids and highs in fantastic harmony for your hearing satisfaction. You’ll get solid performance in Background Noise, automatic Feedback Reduction and re-programmability as needed.

AC 2.0 will also give you Digital Sound Compression (DSC) for maximum hearing protection when and if you need it. See specific models for details.

AC 2.0 is our Mid-level Technology

Products With Core 2.0

Core 1.0 & 1.5

AudiCORE™ 1.0 is well-suited for a wide range of applications at home, work or outside activities. The perfect entry level technology for newcomers to hearing enhancement. Offers clear hearing effortlessly to handle the sounds you need to clarify. 1.5 provides improved power and clarity as desired.
AC 1.0 & 1.5 also keep you in the technology of Digital Sound Compression (DSC) for maximum hearing protection if and when you need it.
AC 1.0-1.5 is our Entry level technology.
Note: All technology levels support Push Button Memory and Volume Controls. See Individual Model for Options.

Products With Core 1.0

Ghost Stryke Digital

Ghost Stryke Digital 2






AudiCORE™ Digital Sound Compression (ADSC)

AXIL leads the world in digital sound compression technology; allowing a physical sound wave to be converted into digital code. This allows the reshaping of loud sounds to whatever level is safest and most comfortable for your hearing. AXIL AudiCORE™ Digital sound compression is the most technologically advanced hearing protection you can get.

Products With ADSC

AXIL Hybrid Sound™ Technologies

AXIL has developed the first Hybrid Sound™ technology of its kind to streamline hearing, hearing protection, audio and communication into one combined technology to cover all your needs efficiently and effortlessly. AXIL Hybrid Sound™ Technology comes in Dual and All-In-One solutions.

Products With ADSC

Bluetooth Connectivity– AXIL offers the latest and greatest versions of Bluetooth wireless 4.2-5.0 for best connectivity and audio transmission to give you the highest sound performance every time.


Performance Audio

AXIL offers the full depth of speaker technology to give you the most advanced sound technology for any application. Dynamic Audio or Balanced Armature technologies as your needs and applications require- you’ll always get the most cutting edge options with AXIL.

Dynamic Audio Sound– AXIL Dynamic Audio Speakers deliver studio quality bass and a full, rich sound experience across the entire sound spectrum. Perfect for general audio and bluetooth-based earbuds and overall speakers.

Balanced Armature Sound– AXIL Balanced Armature Speakers give you the most natural sound and the most specifically tuned sound for general hearing needs and specific music preferences. Perfect for hearing assistive products and for specific in-ear music products.

Hearing Protection– There are two types of hearing protection; First, the physical blocking of oncoming sounds. Second, technology shut off or compression of loud sounds coming through. See above to learn more of AXIL Digital Sound Compression and Autoblocker hearing protection technologies.

For the physical hearing protection, you can also use two different types; first and best is to seal off your ear canal with a proper fitting ear plug. Second is the use of ear muffs.

Sealing the ear canal off is always the most important and effective, as the ear canal is the most direct pathway for sound to enter and pass through to your inner ear, thereby causing the most damage to the cilia (hair-like nerve endings which line the inside of your cochlea).

Ear muffs will also block and dampen oncoming sounds before they enter into the ear canal and they will give you protection of sound passing through the bone directly around your ear canal. But this is secondary to in ear protection. Sound will pass through every part of your head; the front of your face, your eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Plus the back and side of your head. Therefore to receive true hearing protection, you would have to wrap your entire head with protection. As that is not practical, go with good in ear protection first, then ear muff protection on top for more sensitive hearing or more intense sound environments.

If you have sensitive ears and want the best hearing protection possible against intense sound environments like heavy industrial, indoor shooting ranges, inside farming or manufacturing equipment, then getting proper fitting in ear protection with ear muffs on top of that (doubling up or double protection) will be your best option.






AXIL has introduced and continues to lead the way in internal waterproofing. Traditional methods use cumbersome rubber pieces internally to keep moisture and water out. These wear out and are inefficient from the start.

Our Liquify™ process utilizes a patented liquid technology sealing all internal components for total waterproofing.